Monday, 7 October 2013

VFX module - brainstorming ideas

For VFX Smoke& Mirrors brief we were asked to create a 1 minute long film (including titles) that will connote one of the following themes: Good Vs Evil; Triumph Over Adversity; Death as a Part of Life; Man/Woman Vs Nature.

I personally like the last theme most, it's a bit cliche, but it also gives enough room to explore different ideas. Moreover I'll be leaning more towards cartoony, less realistic approach. I'm also considering merging 2D animation with film footage. Also I need to remember that the final film need to have some live footage and green screen with 3D or 2D set in it.

As I want story circle around nature/animals I've brainstormed few possible scenarios:
  • alien plant/creature vs man;
  • cute baby octopus escaping from plate as it doesn't want to be eaten;
  • forest, scene where a main character is running away from mutated plant/animal-creature;
  • evil/alien plant growing in garden and attacking character.
I've also got an idea for other theme (Death as a Part of Life); were the character goes through all stages of life, from being newborn to teenager to elder person, aging as video progress. It could be along the lines of old xbox ad. However the difficulty with this theme is that I don't have any VFX experience and don't really know how to create something like that ;)

 Next step in pre production process will be to create concept art, clean script, storyboards and animatic. I really like the first idea for Man vs Nature theme and will develop it futher in the next few days.

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