Tuesday, 29 October 2013


     I've already written few blog posts on networking, as I've been doing it for few years now. I use blogger, art forums, Behance, Facebook groups and twitter to connect with like minded people. So far all of those social sites proved being useful in my journey. After all, as long as you produce good quality art, you don't really have to worry too much about generating additional traffic.

    Second part of today was to identify book that could help in developing/improving skills mentioned in SWOT analysis (done few weeks ago). I try to visit library on weekly basis, mostly for interesting magazines. For art skills and my problems with anatomy I usually turn to books by G. Bridgman and Vilppu. College library have also a range of books on story boarding and storytelling which I borrow from time to time (still I wish we had Framed Ink available to borrow). Also books on modelling and texturing are helpful and useful. When we get nearer to the end of the module I'll have to look more into design books (for branding, business card design).

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