Saturday, 26 October 2013

Equipment Inductions|VFX

    For the 25th October we were scheduled to do some filming outside. However, due to bad weather, we had to stick to indoors and moved into Vis-Com studio (and balcony). Whole setting and filming process took almost 5 hrs, which is a lot, when you realise how little footage (and storyline) we took. I guess the setting time could take much more less if we were more experienced with kit.
Kit we had during this session was: crane, tripods, tracks and dolly grips, DSLR camera, monitor, boom, sound recording device, lots of cables and clipping board. We used track and dolly for the first shot and crane for outside, balcony scene.
    Most of people were involved in filming/setting. I was in charge of clapper board, which was fun. I had to keep a track on scene (shot) and take number.
Next week we will process footage, match audio with video and add some VFX in background.

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