Tuesday, 8 October 2013

DFGA lvl 5 Goals|PPP2

Goals for 2013/2014 semester (aka year 2), digital film, games and animation.

   Yes, summer break sure went fast. In few weeks I'll be back to usual mad uni routine, including tons of projects and written tasks. It's a hard work but I've enjoyed my first year way too much.
   This time I've a clearer idea of what I want to achive, however this list may change when I actually get this year briefs and slowly go through them. So... Things I want to improve this year are:

  • time management - I haven't missed a single deadline last year, however I had a massive pile of work to-do at some point and rushed few things (I'd probably do them better otherwise). This year counts to our degree mark so I need to work extra hard :)
  • drawing skills - Oh yeah, I know.. it's my ultimate infinite goal, but hey, I really want to improve and become better artist. Hopefully I'll be brave enough to go for life drawing classes.
  • 2D animation - play more with timelines in Photoshop and AfterEffects
  • networking - I'm introvert and I love my peace. Networking is probably going to be the hardest challenge of all since meeting new people freaks me out, but I want get a studio job after college so badly I'm willing to do it! :)
  • developing my own brand - or maybe more of a 'name', since the whole idea of 'branding' makes me think of graphic desiners not concept artists/animators. I've started it a while ago, slowly building online presence on various art related websites, but never really went all crazy and active. (I'm proud of my cghub and Behance portfolios.) Moreover, when I say 'brand' I also mean a coherent style that could be easy to recognise and will 'well present' my work. I may give a try and create a moodboard (or range of them) that will present my interests as an artist (inspired by StuckWithPins blog). 
  • spent more time working on personal projects - I got so many stories to tell stuck in my mind.. 
I'm hoping to achive a lot this year, but I'm also ready to work extra hard for it :).

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