Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Forum Feedback|PPP2

    I've started my journey towards the world of art industry few years ago and decided that it's a good time to reflect on the forum/blog feedback I've got so far.
    I've created my main art blog back in September 2010. Back then I've started Access to HE course, even though I had some art related experience before that (finished 2 years of landscape architecture in polish Uni) so I wasn't new to the idea of drawing and sharing work online (my deviantart account is 9 yrs old). However, I never was too fixed at page views /follower count and concentrated solely on uploading and sharing my drawings. After all getting comments from a pro artists under your work can make day much more brighter.
    In 2011 I've started a sketchbook thread on polish art forum (max3d forum) where I got tons of great feedback and tips. Also I met a lot of great concept artists, saw how they started and improved (which inspires me to do better). Another great forum I have my SB thread on is Again, got great feedback and tips, especially on still life studies. I also have a SB thread on ImagineFX forum. It's a quite small community compare to craziness that goes on, but I like it and got really good advice from people on anatomy and studies.
    I use my blog for (almost) daily updates and try to do bulk updates on forums biweekly (or at least once a month). I'm planning on doing another 'year recap' post soon, since this year was pretty intense for me.

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