Saturday, 5 October 2013

Game of Thrones - scenes breakdowns | VFX

    About year ago I've developed a habit of watching VFX breakdowns for various shows and movies (mostly because I was curious of how certain scenes where done). Therefore following post is just a beggining of what is about to start :).
    Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama based on series of books by George R.R. Martin. As it action is set in fanatasy world, full of dragons, evil enemies and beautiful landscapes, this show rely heavily in visual effects. It also have a very interesting and extensive library of scenes breakdowns. Moreover there is a good number of companies involved in producing VFX.

Game of Thrones - SSVFX Breakdowns from Ed Bruce on Vimeo.
Screen Scene VFX completed over 350 shots for Game of Thrones, season 1. Here are a few breakdowns selects.
Spin VFX worked on over 200 shots for the third season. Video with breakdowns for selected scenes as well as few stills are also availble to few via their website.

Pixomondo helped in creating a believable dragons and shared they work in this 3 minutes long video.

A very interesting 3G tracking breakdown was uploaded to vimeo by PeanutFX.

Game of Thrones - BREAKDOWN from PEANUT on Vimeo.

The amount of work that goes into making each episode of the show can be suprising, however American drama series are usually very well created and get nominated to many awards. Also, budget of those shows is far from 'small' ;).

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