Monday, 28 October 2013

After Effects Induction03|VFX

Adobe After Effects 03 workshop:

  • second check box - continuously rasterize - keep Illustrator artwork as vector, indefinable scalable; also useful when working with 3D layers;
  •  keyframe interpolation :
  •             animation menu - keyframe interpolation menu ;
  •             working with motion path - spacial interpolation - bezier/linear curve ; 
  •             working with opacity - no motion path - dealing with temporal interpolation ;
  •             toggle/hold keyframe (above k.i. in animation drop down menu or can right click on keyframe) - no change between two keyframes, no fade, either opaque or transparent <- can be applied to opacity or position ;
  • acceleration - deceleration - easing in/out
  • easy ease in - initial speed faster, but then slows down;
  • keyframes aren't spread equally, more placed towards the end; 
  • easy ease out - initial speed slower, increase slowly;
  • easy ease - applied on both frames - accelerate and decelerate; 
  • graph editor 
  • graph editor  helps to make things more realistic;
  • rove across time  - select middle frames, when move last frame, the other three moves;
  •  can copy path from Illustrator file into the timeline and use it as motion path (AE will add key frames; remember to enable key frames first)

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