Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Stephen Silver and competitions|Responsive

As this module brief ask us to search for a competition to participate I thought it's important to share some important and wise words from Stephen Silver.

Stephen Silver is a Character Designer in animation industry and tutor in schoolism.com. On facebook and YT he shares different career related advices for new artists and art students. I think it's important to pay attention to what competition we submit work to. Sometimes it's better to just create a good piece of work and add to the portfolio.

Few months ago Marvel came up with competition targeted to new comic artists that want to break into industry (and possibly be hired by Marvel). The problem, however is the task people were asked to do. Basically Marvel wanted people to draw their female villain - Harley Quinn, committing suicide in 4 different ways (oh, and she had to be naked in one of a scenes). Personally I think it's totally wrong and this kind of competitions shouldn't be allowed.

Don't take me wrong, there are plenty of 'good' competitions were you get exposure and judged by industry professionals. I've recently entered Rising Star competition organized by ImagineFX magazine. Also Ballistic Publishing submission calls are good opportunity to present the best pieces of your work.  To conclude: I just have to be extra careful when deciding on brief I want to do :) .

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