Saturday, 12 October 2013

rough script|VFX

    After brainstorming ideas for different stories (read more in this blog post ) I've decided to go with Man/Woman Vs Nature theme.

Below is the rough script for my one minute film:
  • character finds a piece of paper (shopping list) on the table, grabs car keys and leaves house, goes through the garden to the car. (idea: title of film written on another piece of paper or half transparent, floating around, added in post);
  • while characters is fastening seatbelt/checking mirrors/switching on radio, alien/mutant plant creature gets out from under the car seat/draw and climbs onto dashboard;
  • alien/creature character aproach human character, looks at it and then jumps onto his face;
  • cut to black;
  • character slowly opens eyes, look through car window and sees this fantasy world/planed;
  • cut to black;
  • credits.
    Human character will be played by my husband, our house/garden/car will be shooting locations - thanks to that I'm more flexible with production dates and can also easily do re-takes if nessesary.

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