Wednesday, 23 October 2013


    This week seminar was about networking. First task we had to do was to think of reasons why we even need to network and how we can do it. My main aims when it comes to networking are: get a job (studio based or freelance commissions); built connections with like-minded people; get critiques and advices from other artists; showcase my work; create extra traffic for my blog/online portfolio. There are many websites that can be used for social and professional networking as well as attending events and festivals.
    Another part of seminar was to think of local/ national/ international network opportunities that are around us. I broke it up into little lists below:
  • local - college, family, friends; regional events, like All Animated, Behance portfolio reviews, Thought Bubble;
  • national - game/film/animation festivals and expos (like MCM comic con in London);
  • international - websites like Behance, specific art groups on Facebook, CGhub, forums on platforms like ImagineFX and, Society6, Twitter; basically any online social media could be used for international networking. Skype and MSN can be a good tools to establish a communication with clients and friends.
   Personally, I try to get my work posted on quite a few websites. However, it can be challenging to keep up with updates and maintaining a coherent brand (sometimes it feels like an extra job we all have to do). Also, it's quite easy to over do it, by creating profiles on too many websites and not keeping up with updates or (which I personally think is worst thing you can do when starting art journey) showing WIP shots for every each painting and tagging a professional artists under your work (so they will get notified). I believe that if your work is good enough and somewhere online, clients will find you. Making too much fuss is a bad thing and can be easily remembered by clients.

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