Tuesday, 18 March 2014


In previous post I've presented the finish concept art for the Gaming Pod idea. It was mostly inspired by different types of gaming chairs that are currently available on market and mixed with the concept of a motion tracking devices, that can monitor player movements. Inside the Pod will include a state of art gaming chair and thanks to the projectors that been built in, it could display image in 4K resolution. Games would be more interactive and immerse, since there will be no actual controllers to hold and use, as AI of a game engine would interpret not only body movements of its user, but also create a game environment based on a emotions of its user. This hypothetical function could be possible to turn off if player doesn't wish to have his own emotions monitored. However, when this particular function is left on, game world could change, from let say, cheerful and colorful platformer game world, to grim and scary corridors of a horror. It definitely would be an interesting device to use and, even though it sounds very sci-fi, it could be possible in the future.

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