Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Recently a lot of artists started talking about importance of having your own IP. Fact that studios can lay off a lot people quickly, while projects get cancelled, having something new in your portfolio is important. When working in a studio environment you'll get constantly challenge by new tasks, which is great, but new skills are not always visible for the future clients. Moreover, personal projects are more fun to do as you are your own boss and can do things that makes you happy. With the rising popularity of Patreon (and Tapastic), getting your own project funded been made really easy. Artists such as Sakimi-chan are a proof that you can make a decent wage by creating thing you enjoy.
Another direction some experienced artists took is opening their own schools, making mentorship programmes or gumroad tutorials. Chris Oatley and Oatley Academy, Stephen Silver, Anthony Jones with his mentorship programmes, that's only a few examples of the constantly growing community that is about sharing knowledge. Matt Kohr, creator of ctr+paint quitted his daytime job to devotehis time to the resource website.
I think it's wonderful that so many creatives are willing to openly share their stories, techniques and advice with audience and are not scare of young people taking their jobs. Afterall we all benefit from it.

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