Saturday, 9 May 2015

Double Fine Adventure|PPP3

Double Fine Adventure! is a 20-part documentary about the challenges that comes with having a successful Kickstarter campaign. It's been recently added to the Double Fine Prod YouTube channel and shows a production of Broken Age - point and click adventure game created by Tim Shafer.
Each episode is very interesting, provides a lot of information on what was actually going on in the company, how much time, resources and money costs making an unique game. I liked the fact that they talked openly about the financial issues and admitted that they run out of Kickstarter money at some point during production (Double Fine Adventure! gathered over 3 million dollars). Despite of the lack of money, they've decided to keep going, looked at different ways to get money in, but also had to face diffcult decisions such as lay-offs.

My favourite are definately concept art episodes. 'Walking around in our drawings' is a great episode in which Peter Chan shows his studio, talks about his inspirations and approach to drawings. The moment when he throws away some drawings and Tim picking them up from bin is great. It shows how we, as artists, are insecure about our art and how much we want it to imrpove.
Episode 20 still hasn't been released, but in a meantime I started watching other documentaries from their channel, such as Massive Challice and Amnesia Forthnight.

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