Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Final Exhibition - Planning Space|PPP3

Final Year show is upon us and since the biggest module been already submitted, planning space can start.
From what I've been told, moving image pieces (animation and film) will be shown in one room in a form of reel. There is also a possibility to get a 'wall' to display all the concept art work in the other room. Board wall is around meter wide and I've been thinking that having two is enough (I mean if I could get extra one will be even better). So here's a plan of what I'm planning on displaying:
  • Title Banner saying: Fern Flower (large font) - a magical adventure (smaller font), takes almost two walls;
  • 4 A2 posters/pamphlets showing the design process, how animation was made, character development. Last year for COP3 we made academic poster and I felt like A3 is too small, so I'll go with A2 and lower the word count (that's why I'm thinking 4 A2 posters);
  • A4 printouts of puppets;
  • If there is an extra spare board I'd also like to display some screenshots;
  • If there is a space I'd like to have at least one puppet printed large and hand on a string. I've already saved a bit of cardboard to get it made.
  • I'm hoping there will be also a desk somewhere so I can put my business cards, if not I'll make a shelf for them on my wall (like I did suring Showcase Spectacular exhibition);
Another idea I've got is to use QR code to direct people to my website (or maybe I'll make a tumblr blog that showcase it all? Will see).
In terms of space I was thinking somewhere in front, next to the airconditioning machine, which would give me extra room to hang puppets from the ceiling. Or, if not maybe a back wall facing doors?
This a very rough room plan with spaces I'm happy to have.
Also this a quick mock up of how I can possibly arrange things on walls. This is just a guide for me to get idea across and many things can still change.

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