Monday, 18 May 2015

Interesting Stuff 013|PPP3

  • I found Zachatronics podcast few days ago and had a listen to the first episode. It looks like we are going to have a good indie dev podcastwith the behind the scene insight.
  • If you missed Feast, charming animated short by Disney, don't worry, there is a 720p version on YouTube :)
  • ARTCAFE is a new livestream goodie run by amazing Maciej Kuciara. Two recent episodes were about working in movie industry and using photos as reference and photobashing and incoming stream is titled : The Video Games Development Experience : How to break into video games industry. Along with Maciej we are going to hear Raf Grassetti, Ryan Hawkins, Nick Gindraux, John Sweeney, Alexandria Neonakis, David Lesperance and Jung Park.
  • Working out podcast is something I came across recently and to be honest I haven't listen to any episodes yet but according to the website description it's about turning your creative hobby into business. 

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