Sunday, 10 May 2015

Interesting Stuff 7-12|PPP3

Compilation of Interesting Stuff posts, my lists of interesting things from the world of animation, ilustration and concept art!

  •  Female Potrayals in video games - quite a good article I came across recently thru elsevilla DA journal entry. Worth reading whenever you agree with it or not ;)
  • New version of Krita which I need to download and test soon! (for symmetry tool and wrap- around mode)
  • Chris Oatley interview with Loish - artcast #85 - a bit different to other episodes as it was an interview done in person, with all the funky background noise.
  • THU2015 is upon us with quite expensive tickets some people can't afford. Luckily there is a competition going with a really cool prizes!
  • The Freelance Handbook - free 116-page ebook.
  •  Since Alice joined our little family and made me almost completly unable to paint I've started binging on all types of podcasts, streams, vlogs, hangouts, timelapses and whats not. BelowI tried combine a list of art related talks/tutorials. Some channels are still active, other been dead for years but still worth listening to (and few went into gumroad mode with more trailers than content). Probably forgot about tons of other cool stuff, but hey, thats me ;)
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  •  Duik 14.23 is a plugin for AfterEffects.. or should I cite DuDuF R&D website:  The essential tools for the animation on After Effects: Autorig, Inverse Kinematics (IK), Bones, Morphers, Dynamics… Animation becomes handy and easy on After Effects!The essential tools for the animation on After Effects: Autorig, Inverse Kinematics (IK), Bones, Morphers, Dynamics… Animation becomes handy and easy on After Effects! 

For me the most important is the Bones and Autorig features, which I'll test out as soon as I'm done with college animation :).

  • Mark Molnar Steampunk Pirates Digital Painting Tutorial - to be honest I haven't watched it yet, but it's on my list. I've decided to mention it here as it looks quite interesting :)
  • 12 Principles of Animation - series of short videos looking at 12 principles of animation by Alan Becker.
  • DoubleFine Adventure! - along with other documentaries from DoubleFineProd channel, became a guilty pleasure of mine. Honestly, those vids are really well edited and interesting. Also, suprisingly, they talk openly about running out of kickstarter money gathered for Broken Age.
  • Finally Juanjo Guarnido posted a making-of from the Freak of the Week music video and it's as sweet as the actual video. I just wish it was a little bit longer and not in French. I know, I know, there are subtitles, but it's always nicer to just watch video without having to rely on translation to understand it. Anyway, back to the video - it just shows the crazy amount of work that was put into making it. 
  • Krita got a Kickstarter campaign! From the features mentioned I'm really looking foward to the animation tool set :)
  • BATZ is a charming animated short directed by Max Maleo. Aurelien Predal shared on his blog recently quite a lot of development concepts and designs. Really loving art style. But hey, that's the same person who did colour keys for Monster in Paris, ofcourse it's gonna look good. 

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