Thursday, 21 May 2015


GA-MA-YO is a network for game makers based in Yorkshire, providing information about events happening around, such as local monthly meet ups (for Leeds it's a Game Toast with the meet up happening on 26th of May).

Website is easy to navigate, while following their twitter account makes finding out about upcoming events and opportunities a lot easier. The links section provides information about organisations based in UK, while teams tap is basically a massive list of companies and freelancers based in Yorkshire.
I started looking thru this tap last year when searching for internships and this year I'm doing it again, but this time my goal is to find a job. As mentioned list of companies is huge and ealier this year I had a look to see what type of work their produce and if there are any positions available. I also tried to track their employers to see what kind of work their produce and if my portfolio could potentialy match their style.
There are not many advantages of living in Leeds, since London is a hub of creative minds, however Yorkshire provides a lot of opportunities. Companies are smaller, mostly making mobile game, but that's good. Another good aspect of GA-MA-YO is the fact that it's open to anybody, you don't have to be a part of existing team : freelancers and game enthusiast can also join events.

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