Thursday, 27 February 2014


This week task was to create an alien model based on given referance. Finished mesh will be used in rigging tutorial. After final model is made it should be UV mapped and textured. It was a very challenging task for me, as I'm still quite new to Maya, but I've learnt a lot.

I've started with a cube primitive and kept on modeling half of the alien, as adviced by Mat.

At this stage my model was really simplified as I was concentrating on getting main parts correct (eg. leg, torso, arm).

 Next step was to finish up a rough model. I had everything in place and the only thing left was to model head. That part of modelling was really hard for me. Heads are way more complex than they look. For mouth I've extruded some mesh and moved it inside the model. Eyes were done separetly as two spheres (eye ball and eye lids).

I've tried to smooth my model a bit by moving vertexes and edges, as well as adding extra faces (or deleting unnecessary ones).

I've created a final model by merging together both half. It was quite an easy process, as it required only using a specific for this task tool (and flipping model along -X axis). However I've ended up with few holes in my model, which I sew by using another tool.

I'm particulary proud with how the legs and body (torso and bottom) have came out. Head looks a bit weird and I might try to fix later, but overall I'm happy with final model.

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