Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Carter Goodrich|PPP2

Carter Goodrich (artist website) is an artist mostly known for his character design work in various animated feature films and illustration books. He worked on character designs for Ratatoiulle, Brave, Croods, and many more. Usually drawn with pencils, his characters are always full of life and personality. Personally, I found work he did for Ratatoiulle the most amazing, mostly because of unusual animal chosen to be a protagonist. Rats are very smart creatures and they deserves more love from animation companies ;)

Another big part of Goodrich portfolio are illustrated (and written by him) books. He is currently working on his sixth book, We Forgot Brock!. Artwork is done with traditional media, paints, pencils. Really colorful style makes these books perfect for kids.

Editorial work for Forbes, New Yorker (and few other papers), is something, that (almost) every illustrator have to do at some point in their career. Goodrich illustrations are again amazing and well suited for adult papers and topics. Fact, that he can switch his style to suit audience, with keeping it coherent and recognizable, makes him even more amazing artist. 

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