Thursday, 28 November 2013

Alien Planet - Inspirations|VFX

Below is a short list (with description) of pieces of concept art and illustrations that where my source of inspiration when creating alien planet. I was after creating a planet that will indicate a very hard conditions, like lack of water, sun or vegetation, rough surface covered in rocks.

  • Night Forest by Sammich
  • interesting use of blu-ish tones for creating a particular effect, presenting a certain mood;
  • great composition;
  • Desert sketch by John Powell
  • uncanny look of this desert
  • shading on rocks
  • mix of warm tones in foreground and cool in the background
  • interesting composition

  • Medieval Village by Firstear 
  •  great use of perspective
  •  objects in foreground really well detailed, background have more blue-ish tones and is less detailed which creates a depth of field
  • Blue by Seryl
  • use of colors in creating a misterious atmosphere
  • shapes of rocks, composition
  • monumentality of mountains in background
  • foreing look

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