Monday, 4 November 2013

After Effects Induction 04|VFX

Adobe After Effects workshop 04

Mask - have to do with selective parts of a layer made transparent; vector shape; always select layer first, then use square or pen tool to create a mask; can copy and paste from Illustrator, shape will act as mask; can have as many masks I want; to mask whole of the screen double click square tool while layer is selected;

  • masks have different modes, which can be very helpful when it comes to miore complex masking;
 Mask - can be edited (move tool) and key framed; properties:
  • mask feather - soften the edges;
  • mask opacity - reduce the opacity of mask;
  • mask expansion - tighten or expand the mask;
  • instead of using mask you can change modes of layer to overly or multiply and achive similar effect;

  • layers can be parented together (similar to parenting in Maya); everything scale, rotate around parents anchor point, the only property that doesn't work is opacity - opacity of parent doesn't have consequence on child
Composition can be set to any size,when working on a smaller asset the pixel ratio and frame rate are the only things that have to match with main composition settings.

After Effects scripts: expressions -  Java Scripts, alt + click stop watch icon; text appears red - expression applied

  • pick whip tool - allows to link different properties together (within the layer or from other layer);
  • script for looping: loopOut(type='cycle')
  •  layer> transform > auto-orient - allows to move asset along the path

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