Monday, 20 May 2013

polish concept artists|PPP

In this post I'll present few of polish concept artists (follow up to the post about polish animators).

Artur Sadlos - is a concept artist, who worked on projects like: Dead IslandCall of Jaruez , The Witcher.

What I really like about his work is the amount of  little details he puts in, as well as cartoon-y feel of the illustrations. Bright colours and bold brush strokes are best visible in his personal work, although there're traces of them in his professional work.

Maciej Kuciara - is well known from working for Naughty Dogs (Uncharted The Last of Us)

Kuciara blends photo textures extremely well in his work, both professional and personal. The quality of published artwork is great, very realistic.

Marek Okon - currently works for Naughty Dogs (The Last of Us), but also did some work for Crysis and many magazines.
His work is very dynamic, full of little flying particles and crazy explosions; mostly sci-fi or fantasy settings.

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