Tuesday, 21 May 2013


During this year I've decided to push myself more and get out there, to the wild world of concept art and animation. I was publishing my work on forums and websites before, but never really paid much attention to it. However, since I've joined college, started taking it more seriously. I've started publishing my work often, joined few facebook groups and behance. Since then, I got lot of nice feedback and met many talented artists, who works already in the industry. I've also got myself twitter account which bean also very helpful, although not many people follow me there.
The plan for summer is to improve my drawing skills as well as to do more animations. I'm planning on creating YouTube channel for my short 2D animations (that will be called 'few seconds animated' ;)). Summer definitely will be a busy period, filled with many exciting projects. For next year I'm hoping to get better at time management and make more quality work that I can add to my portfolio.

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