Sunday, 19 May 2013

Lois van Baarle|PPP

 Lois van Baarle is the freelance artist and animator, with unique sstyle based in Netherlands. I've been fan of her work for good few years and seeing her journey is very inspiring.
I've came across Lois work first through her deviantart account. Her styled changed slightly, techniques improved, but alway had the same 'feel'. I particulary like the line quality - thick and bold, very expressive, dynamic. Also colours are very bright and vivid. One of her favourite theme to draw are pin-u girls.

Lois worked on many projects, drawn graphics for games, graphic novels, did some animations. As she kept publishing a lot of her artwork online, unfortunately she had to deal with a lot of copyright fraud. It must be very difficult to deal with companies based in, for example, China. Luckily her followers are usually happy to help with law issues (how to get a lawyer, basic copyright laws) as well as reporting artwork theft (some of her work was used on sweater and other products).

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