Monday, 6 January 2014

Film/Edit Challenges|VFX

Few weeks ago I've borrowed equipment and managed to get filming done on the same day. Luckily, it was one of these rare, sunny days, and only problem was quite a strong wind. However, frame I had portable green screen installed on, was sturdy enough to stay in one spot.

I'm not a 'film' person, I get quite stressed when it comes to filming. Even with storyboard and animatic I still struggle to get the right shots. One of the biggest challenges was keeping track on shot continuity - it's easy to overlook little things, like in which hand my actor is holding keys. I think the walking shots were the most difficult ones, as I've wanted do include few close ups of feet. Unfortunately, I haven't paid enough attention to the way my actor was walking, which let to quite a painful editing (and getting rid of most the takes).

However, there are shots I'm really proud of, like the one of the right.

I've also done a rough cut few weeks ago (straight after filming basically). It fits the time constraint of one minute, although I'm planning to get rid of few shots, that I feel are unnecessary and replace them with a longer green screen sequence. Therefore, I've spent more time on painting a very detailed environment.

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