Thursday, 19 December 2013

Stalingrad breakdown|VFX

 Stalingrad breakdown by MainRoad|Post
It's not always about big Hollywood blockbuster movies made somewhere in US or Europe. A really good VFX studios can be found all around the world and MainRoad|Post is one of them.
MainRoad|Post is a visual effects studio based in Moscow, Russia. They've got a nice portfolio of movies, including Wanted, but they've also worked on a game called TimeShift.
VFX breakdown for Stalingrad is probably the best breakdown I've seen so far.Well paced and interesting with great music. Some people says that it's more interesting than the movie itself (which I haven't seen yet, as war movies aren't my cup of tea. Explosions and fire looks very real, scenes are detailed and nicely composited together. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find any technical info on what software they've used (possibly FumeFX and Maya?). Still, it is interesting and good breakdown, definately worth watching.

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